The Art Of Floral And Event Design” offers over 250 pages of eye-catching wedding inspiration in different color palettes and sophisticated styles from beautiful bridal bouquets to reception decor.

This hardcover bestselling book showcases weddings, stylized shoots and special events designed by Akeshi Akinseye. Her passion has always been to create beautiful things, and she is fascinated by all the ways to transform something simple into a breathtaking moment. Each chapter offers inspiration in different color palettes and styles showcasing creative ways to use flowers.

Akeshi is thrilled to share a glimpse of her world with you so you can explore the various colors, textures and moods that are orchestrated to create the splendor and magnificence captured in “The Art Of Floral And Event Design.” We hope this book will evoke awe-inspiring emotion that will innovate design concepts for your wedding or your next special event.


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The Art of Floral And Event Design is 250 pages of pure perfection! Akeshi’s creative well of talent shines through her intricate use of florals and divine design. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

~ Amy Allen, Group Publisher –  Modern Luxury Weddings

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“T H I S B O O K I S A B S O L U T L E Y A M A A A A Z I N G : I cannot possibly come up with enough good things to say about this book, other than it is a true work of art! It has been a long time since a book of this magnitude has graced the event/floral industry. Akeshi has not only masters the art of storytelling through her lush floral presentations and event designs, but she has meticulously provided us with a blueprint for the signature styles of effortless elegance and haute sophistication that Kesh Designs is known for. If you are a lover of all things events or florals like me, this is definitely the best investment you can make into yourself/business. As you thumb through all 260 pages of this book, yes you will see floral and event designs ranging from traditional to super modern, but the central theme captured throughout is Akeshi’s subtle yet chic interpretation of elevated luxury. Though her work has been seen and admired by millions across the world through various social media platforms, I must admit it is nice to see a body of her work compiled in one place, to be admired over and over again. Though this is her 1st book, Akeshi has not only single-handedly proven why she is one of the most sought after event designers of this generation, but she has also cemented her place as the Floral Goddess in the event design industry”

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Elegance is effortless for Akeshi. Her designs drip with beauty.

~ Scott Nava and Cara Nava – Carasco Photography

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This book is the quintessential expression of luxury and gorgeous design produced by Akeshi!!!! Every time I look at the book I get something different from it. Not only are the designs breathtaking, they tell a story and capture your imagination!! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get this awesome book and get inspired!!!! I Love it!

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